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BulkMail Credits

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1000 Credits

1000 BulkMail Credits

R300.00 Price Excl. VAT: R260.87

5000 Credits

5000 BulkMail Credits.

R800.00 Price Excl. VAT: R695.65

10000 Credits

10000 BulkMail Credits. 

R1,500.00 Price Excl. VAT: R1,304.35

25000 Credits

25000 BulkMail Credits.

R2,500.00 Price Excl. VAT: R2,173.91

50000 Credits

50000 BulkMail Credits

R4,000.00 Price Excl. VAT: R3,478.26

100000 Credits

100000 BulkMail Credits

R6,000.00 Price Excl. VAT: R5,217.39

250000 Credits

250000 BulkMail Credits

R12,000.00 Price Excl. VAT: R10,434.78

500000 Credits

500000 BulkMail Credits

R20,000.00 Price Excl. VAT: R17,391.30

1000000 Credits

1000000 BulkMail Credits

R36,000.00 Price Excl. VAT: R31,304.35